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Take a journey inside the most infamous cancelled game since Silent Hills*.

After a few days of really hard work, I've came to the unfortunate realization that the game I was working on for Giant Rom 4 simply wouldn't be ready by the Sunday deadline. Rather than toss it all in the recycle bin and cry myself to sleep, I thought I'd at least show off the little bits and pieces I had gotten done, and try to explain exactly what I was going for. Of course, I'm not entering this to get ranked or compete or anything like that, I just wanted to present what little I had to offer.

Bear in mind that the video's about 20 minutes long, I probably ramble and meander, and I learned how to make games from Fisher Price's: My First C++ Code, but with that all in mind, if you're interested to see what I got, then click the link below:


*HA HA HA HA, not

Published Feb 04, 2017


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I loved your game last year! It's a shame because it looks like this one would have great too. If you decide to make this I'd still love to play it. keep up the good work duder!

P.S. I used UE4 last year as well but my game was not as good lol.

Double P.S. If one side was gonna murder Kojima, my money is on West. Specifically Jeff. . . and it would be to absorb his powers.